Midnight sun in Arctic.
Royal Ascot and Glastonbury in the UK.
Undiscovered Turkey


Or not that royal anymore? We hope you will share your opinion after having visited the place in June. Tickets from official source are on sale from December to April, however you might find some options (not the greatest, still options) as late as end of May. You cannot get into the Royal enclosure unless Royal blood runs through your veins, you are kingdom’s extraordinary contributor or… you have some useful connections? Alternatively, you still can enjoy your day at the racecourse and all its pleasures in any other section of the hippodrome, Windsor enclosure being the most convenient option to our view.

So dress to impress and head to the Royal Ascot 2023 that will take place between Tuesday the 20th June and Saturday the 24th next year. Most popular days being the Opening, Finale and Ladies day (Thursday). On any of the 5 days you can spot the Royal Procession which normally happens at around 2 pm. Do not forget your picnic hamper, and bet responsively 😉


Just a couple of days later hit the ground running at one of the most famous music festivals in the Universe, if you can. Putting Covid in the rearview mirror, Glastonbury (that is in Somerset, England) is back and is roaring from the 21st to the 25th of June 2023.

Tickets are usually wiped out within minutes when they are released in November. For those who missed, there is another small chance to get some returned tickets in April, but this is it. There are no options to buy admission from re-sellers, so don’t fall a victim of any kind of fraud. Better register for a chance to get there next June at the official page.

It is definitely worth to attend it at least once in your lifetime, even though there are very little people who do not come back to this great example of festival evolution over and over again. You long to return to the collective happiness, organisational excellence, kindness and politeness that rule there


Summer solstice allows us to witness yet other wonders of nature and astronomy.

It is especially spectacular to watch one of the Saint Petersburg’s drawbridges being slowly raised and lowered during the famous white nights season. No less spectacular is midnight sun in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Alaska. Whenever you plan to sleep at night, don’t forget to bring a blindfold. Even though… how can you sleep if it is ‘sunny’ outside? For people living far below the Arctic circle, it feels like being on a different planet. In the middle of the night, you watch a pale yellow ball hovering just over the tree tops and then bouncing back into the skies instead of disappearing behind the horizon. Strange, very strange feeling…


Sea is already warm while the crowds has not yet arrived to the Mediterranean shores of Turkey. Enjoy the sun on endless beaches of Turkish riviera with the backdrop of dramatic beauty of nature, or set off exploring country’s rich cultural and historical heritage – there is so much to learn and to see outside the doors of all-inclusive hotels here!

For a relaxing beach holiday away from touristic epicentres, there are clear waters and pristine pine cliffs of such gems as Kas, Finike or Fethiye. To see wonders of nature and history head to Pamukkale, Cappadocia (that also hosts a cool festival – Cappadox – in June), notorious Troy or stately Ephesus.

Follow the steps of ancient merchants along the famous Silk Road or admire the views of medieval monasteries on lake Van. And don’t forget about the mouthwatering local cuisine – treat yourself to variety of kebabs, doners, manti, cooked salads and sweet delights – all boxes of a great vacation checked!

Photo credits and copyrights: DailyMail, Flickr, Glastonburyfestivals (Andrew Allcock), WikiMedia, PxHere

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